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Ammunition from both world wars is part of our present.

Our seas and oceans are substantially polluted by conventional and chemical munitions added via different pathways. However, the biggest amount originates from large-scale ammunition dumping activities after World War II.

Our goal

Data acquisition, assessment, and – in future – monitoring of munitions in our seas and oceans. Therefore, a tremendous amount of historical and modern datasets is acquired and integrated into the system and new technologies like artificial intelligence are used for analysing and connecting these datasets.

How it began

The modules


The Maps module contains large amounts of geo-referenced historic maps linked to other datasets inside


The Documents module is the heart of, containing tens of thousands of historic documents describing their events.


The Ships module is a large database of ships that includes their history and known positions over time.


The Ammunition module lists thousands of different ammunition types and their different construction parts.


The Chemicals module includes different chemicals and their composition for several purposes (e.g., risk assessment).

Research Projects